Saturday, March 26, 2016

Finally a bloody update!

So, finally an update.
short version. My computer totally crashed and I had to get a new computer.  BUT, this is a PC and my pictures are on my iphone. It took a while to figure out how to make this jump happen.  At last, I have.

Since then, well I haven't done much with the ETSY shop.  I will get this done, but in the meantime I keep the facebook page and IG updated.  Best way to keep track, follow the Facebook page!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Of Kilns, Refires, and children...

so a lot has happened. Including my computer getting a virus.

Not pictured, my electric kiln (no name yet) that should be operational tomorrow.

I build some plates with feet (japanese style) and more noodle bowls.

I did a week of clay as a summer camp program for El Pueblo Museum.  We did pit firing and kiln building. Ages were 6 yo to 11yo.

Here are my pieces from the pit fire.


Here are some jars.  Upon suggestion I did not make knobs but put on rocks. I really like the outcome. Now this was fired in an electric kiln that is still giving me fits.  So the glaze did not crackle quite right. I will refire the bodies only. See if I can get more crackle.

And finally, I have made some masks.  Some with go here, some will go there.  ya, not sure I have much of a plan other than masks give me a chance to do random things.

and some things always make me happy.  I may not have a lot of happy in my life, I never have. but this is a constant source of a lot of things.  Happiness is one of them.